Who we are

Critter Sitting Services is a small and highly professional pet care service owned and operated by founding husband and wife team Ian and Lucy Patterson. Ian and Lucy each have over thirty years of pet care experience.

What we do

We take great care of your pets. We walk dogs, we feed cats and clean litter trays we spritz hermit crabs, in fact it does not matter what domestic pet you have, we will care for it while you are away.

We will water the plants, feed your garden birds and replenish humming bird feeders. If you are looking after feral animals that you cannot have in the house, we will care for them exactly the same way that you do. contact us now to schedule a visit

Safety And Security Are Our Primary Concerns

Leaving your home unattended while you are away causes stress, unsure whether you turned the gas off, did you close the windows, will your pets be safe and secure. Critter Sitting Services will make your travelling experience a stress free one.

How we approach your home and the services we provide while at your home are designed to give the impression that your home is occupied.

Customer Satisfaction Is The Key.

Click here to view what our customers say about Critter Sitting Services and the pet care service we provide. Customers just love working with us. So will you when you know your pets are getting the same treatment they get when you are at home.

A bit of a bio

One of our earlier projects was working with the RSPCA on a fostering program to stop the exportation of Beagle puppies to a research laboratory in Sweden. We worked for many years with a British group called Re-homing Animal Telephone Service and fostered many abused animals prior to their adoption.

The first dog we nursed back to health, Amy, was burned badly by its owner who was high on drugs. After many months of intense care, Amy was finally released for adoption, and so started our campaign to help abused animals.

Upon moving to Texas we signed up with Operation Kindness to foster puppies and more recently with Garland based SPIN, (Saving Pyrenees In Need) helping with their fostering and adoption programs of these Gentle Giants.

Knowing that animals are less stressed when they remain in their own environment we formed Critter Sitting Services in 2004 to service those people who did not want to board their pets in kennels or catteries.

We quickly gained a residual clientele of professionals who need service at short notice as well as the many vacationing customers who have taken advantage of the discounts that are offered. It attests to pet sitting professionalism when customers talk about Critter Sitting Services and come back time and again.

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