Why should I use a pet sitter?

Most pets adjust better to their owner's absence if they can stay in their own home or a family environment.as offered by Critter Sitting Services

Will my pet's routine change?

By using Critter Sitting Services, your pet will maintain its regular diet and routine keeping it healthy and happy.

Can I contact you for updates on my pet's welfare?

We are always available to clients via email or phone for updates on their pets but please call at reasonable hours.

Will you perform other services while I am away?

We provide additional services, such as getting the mail and watering plants, while caring for your pet. These, and other benefits will be discussed during the interview.

I have never used a professional pet sitting service before. How do I get started?

Call us 214 418 4735 or or use our contact form to schedule a free in-home consultation. We will meet with you and your pets and the necessary documentation and discuss any special instructions. We will arrange your pet sitting schedule, review policies and services, make payment arrangements, and collect a key to your home.

How do I schedule further pet sitting services?

We make it easy for you. Once you have signed the initial agreement, all we need is to schedule and confirm service. The schedule and confirmation will usually be via email and must be completed prior to service. Confirmation is the only guarantee of service and will be completed within 24 hours.

The number of pets I own has changed. What should I do?

If the number of pets has lessened, you only need to send an email to that effect and the rates will alter accordingly. If you gain more or new pets, we will need to schedule a new consultation to record the new pets profile and review the rates.

What if my schedule changes?

In the event you return home early you must notify Critter Sitting Services immediately. There will not be a refund given for services if you arrive home earlier than scheduled, however, a credit will be applied towards a future service. If we are not notified, you may be charged for the whole period. If you need to stay longer, please notify us immediately so that we can re-arrange our schedules.

Do you provide the pet food and supplies?

Some animals are sensitive to changes in diet therefore we ask you to provide all the food and supplies, such as litter and trash bags, to maintain the care of your pets. If we must purchase additional supplies because the items provided did not last, we will try to contact you first but will go ahead and purchase the items. You will be charged for the travel time and for the necessary purchases.

Will you be able to give my pet his medication?

Yes, we will administer normal medications to your pet at no additional charge.

Does my pet need to be vaccinated?

To ensure the health and welfare of all the pets we visit on a daily basis, we insist that all pets are current on their vaccinations prior to any service agreement. We also recommend that your pets are ID tagged.

Will my pet remain outside?

Although we prefer that all pets remain indoors except for exercise time, we will follow the guidelines given by the client for the welfare of their pets. We believe that responsible pet owners prefer that their pets become part of the family. To do this your pet should spend time indoors. We will not be responsible for any cat that has access to the outdoors.

What happens if my pet needs emergency care?

This will be discussed during the initial consultation where you will be asked to sign a veterinarian release form. Critter Sitting Services will do their utmost to keep you informed of any events that may occur. You are responsible for any travel expenses or veterinarian bills.