Our consultation visits are approximately 30 minutes. We don't want to take up too much of your time but we would like to visit with you and your pets while discussing detailed instructions on your pets care with you. Of course there's also an acceptance form to sign. At this time we will also receive a key and the deposit.

We'll meet your needs, whether it's:

  • Dog walking one or more times a day
  • Getting there for a mid day visit when you can't be there
  • Yard clean up after your dog needs to go outside
  • Cleaning your cats litter trays
  • Feeding and providing fresh water for all your pets
  • Collect the mail & bring in the newspaper
  • We'll feed the fish and spritz the hermit crabs
  • We can provide emergency visits when the need arises

Ask about our home watch and key holding services even if you don't have a pet!

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Regular pet care visits to your home

Visits are typically 30 minutes and are ideal for dog walking without being too long in the Texas heat. The same thirty minutes could be spent as play time with indoor pets, feed time or to administer medication. Quality belly rubs and ear strokes are all part of the service.

If you have dogs, daily walks will give them the regular exercise they need to keep them healthy. We will scoop the yard or litter box and put out clean fresh water and administer medications.

During our pet care visits we provide complimentary services such as collecting mail and papers, watering indoor plants (if centrally located), watering patio plants (if centrally located), putting out trash on scheduled days.

We have very competitive rates for pet care visits to your home with 1 or 2 pets. Depending on the number of pets or any special requirements that you have, you may want to extend the service time.

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Emergency pet care visit:

It happens; you are unexpectedly called away from home. You need to be out of town suddenly, perhaps for an important work meeting or a family emergency that calls you away during the night. You may even need to go into hospital yourself following an accident. The last thing you need to worry about is the welfare of your pets.

If the unexpected happens and you need to be out of town or are admitted to hospital, we will step in to look after your pets. We do not charge extra fees for emergency pet care visits.

Need a veterinary visit but unable to reschedule, we will make the visit for you. Emergency plans will be discussed during the interview session.

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Key holding:

Critter Sitting Services offers this convenient key holding program to help make your arrangement for professional pet care much simpler. Designed for the busy pet owner who travels frequently for business or pleasure or whose busy schedule does not allow for much notice, or you may have simply overlooked making a pet sitting reservation.

By keeping your key on file, we are ready any time you need us and in a better position to accept shorter notice reservation requests. The Critter Sitting Services Key holding plan keeps your key on file for the unexpected emergency relieving you of yet another worry. Keys are kept in a secure safe and the numbered tags do not show any customer information.

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